About us:

COM-PORT Computer Support was founded in 1992 in Stuttgart, Germany. It started as a side-business of the owner's regular job at a Stuttgart based Computer-Shop. COM-PORT remained active for many years mainly as a support vehicle for family and friends - local as well as abroad. 

When the owner moved to Cyprus in 2001, he continued supporting his family and friends (remotely) - and added support for friends and several small to mid-sized companies in and around Limassol.

Although today there are a variety of different operating systems and software environments, COM-PORT concentrated on Microsoft based systems from the very beginning. Over the span of 30+ years working with such computers we have gained a lot of experience and considerable knowledge and skills.

This knowledge & experience includes:

  • Networking (Servers in offices as well as Webservers (IIS))
  • Design & programming of websites in HTML, PHP & Java-Script with MySQL databases on the backend
  • Service & support for Computers & other hardware like routers, switches, printers, scanners etc.
  • Support for a variety of different software usually found in home- & office environments such as e.g. MS-Office, AutoCAD, Corel DRAW, Photoshop and other
  • Assembly of desktop computers according to owner specifications & requirements
  • Setup & installation of Fritz! Boxes in Cyprus ADSL networks